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Uploading a ​file to FTP server through X++ using batch processing…

Hi experts,

I came with one more stuff related to the uploading file to FTP server which is using batch processing, there is a lot of code change difference in file uploading to FTP server manually and using batch processing.

A class object must have RunOn property as “Server” and every time you make changes to an object, you must generate CIL.

if you would like to debug your code while it is running using batch processing, you need to debug from Visual studio and attach process to it.

Here is a sample class which uploads file to FTP server using batch processing

Sample file upload to FTP server using batch processing

Please feel free to comment your errors or suggestions or if you would like to know how to debug batch jobs using visual studio.

Thant’s it from my side, thank you

Happy Daxing…