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Approving Multiple Time sheet through workflow in AX 2012.

Hello Experts, It’s been a while, I posted my last post, today I got some good stuff to share on Time sheet approval process using Workflow in AX 2012.
Standard AX doesn’t allow multiple time sheet approval rather one time sheet at once using workflow and same can be achieved through an Auto approval process which can be set at Project management & Accounting workflow parameters.

I created an Action menu – item named “Mass Timesheet Approval”  which approves multiple timesheets using workflow at once, which is not available in the standard AX in on TSTimesheetsApprovalListPage.


In the TSTimesheetsApprovalListPage, it does not have multi-select control available at the grid. so, customization is required, but when you select multiple time sheets in grid, action button gets disabled.


To allow multi-selection of Time sheet and approved at once, I created button shown in below image, which allow multiple approval of time sheet using workflow.

Here is a code for approving multiple multiple through workflow.

Code change

Happy DaXing….