Missing labels while importing label file and if it gets created, error will display.

Hi Folks,

I have one post taken from Dynamics community which resolved issues related to label file importing. let’s have dig this question which is being posted by user.

Some labels are missed. I tried to import them using import option/label only. The labels are started with ABS, when I try to create a new label file with label file ID (ABS) the following error is faced  “Cannot create the label file ID ABS. The label file ID already exists” but ABS label file does not appear in the AOT nor in  the drop down list appears in the import screen (Create labels in the label file). Another label file is selected from this dropdown list (HCM) and the labels are created with label Ids starting with HCM so the labels are available with another Ids and so the labels’ texts do not appear ,how can we resolve this problem ?????

Answer for this question is as follows…

Label file ABS are present on the application folder.

Usually “C:\Program Files\…. \Server\XXXXX\bin\Application\Appl\Standard”

So :

1- Stop AOS

2- Delete files axABS*.ald, axABS*.alc and axABS*.ali

3- Start AOS

4- Create the Label file ID

4- Import the Label by XPO

Another way for import the label could be, after label file creation, import the ALD file directly from AOT.

So, from Label Files Aot node, right click and choose the option Create from File. You have to repeat for all languages.

Hope this answer your question.Thanks……..

Happy DaXing………





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