Expression to hide/unhide column and Text box in SSRS

Hi Axaptians,

This is second post on 5th Feb and eager to update regarding expressions used in SSRS reports to hide/unhide column or text boxes. In AX 5.0, reports are configured in Morphx but in AX 6.0, reports are being design in VS which is termed as SSRS reports. So, let’s begin this.

I would give an example where I would to like to hide a column or text box by using expression.


Above express will hide column depending on action applied. Suppose, if it is checked, will hide and if not, it will unhide. Following is the example below.

=iif(Parameters!BOMConsistOfDS_Item_Notes.Value = false,True,false)
=iif(Parameters!BOMConsistOfDS_Item_Notes.Value = false,1,0)

As simple as that, there are lot of things to be updated regarding expressions.

Please keep in touch for more updates.

Thanks & Happy DaXing…


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