How to read/parse Data field in SysDataBaseLog Table in AX 2012

Hi Folks,

This is important thing to discuss as Data field extends Blobdata which is of type Container. This Data field in SysDataBaseLog table is presented as  2x array (container in container) with structure like


[fieldNum1, newFieldValue1, oldFieldValue1,]

,[fieldNum2, newFieldValue2, oldFieldValue2]

,[fieldNumN, newFieldValueN, oldFieldValueN]

container within container

Lets take an example to understand.

SysDataBaseLog log;
container conData, conField;
int i, tableId = tableNum(YourTable);
str oldFieldValue, newFieldValue;

select firstonly log where log.table == tableId;

conData = log.Data;

for (i=1; i<=conLen(conData); i++)

conField = conPeek(conData, i);
if(fieldName2id(tableId, conPeek(conField, 1)) == fieldNum(YourTable, YourField))
newFieldValue = conPeek(conField, 2);
oldFieldValue = conPeek(conField, 3);
SysDataBaseLog table has method SysDataBaseLog.fieldChanged(fieldId) returns whether field has changed or not.

SysDataBaseLog table has method SysDataBaseLog.getDataAsList().
It takes values in the Data field and returns them as a list.


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