Jumpref in AX 2012

Hi All,

We all know about “View Details” Option in our Ax 2012 Forms and Tables.
Here I wrote one sample for how to get that functionality in our forms or table.
This is done by three ways:

1) By EDT Relations

2) By using JumpRef method

3) By using FormRef property in Table

EDT Relations:

If you use an EDT in tables which have relation with some other table fields, that time you can able to navigate the main table or main form.

FormRef Property:

Select the Table and go to properties and select the required form in the FormRef property.

JumpRef method:

If you are not having that option, simply write an override the JumpRef method in a field of DataSource or in a Form Control. Here I show you a sample jumpRef method code:

public void jumpRef()

Args            args;

args = new Args();
args = new Args(menuFunction.object());
args.record(“RecordName”); // to be a datasource which added in the current form
new MenuFunction(menuitemDisplayStr(“FormName”), MenuItemType::Display).run(args);


In the form init() which we called here, we have to check the condition whether the form is called by any dataset or not.


public void jumpRef()

Args args = new Args();
SalesTable salesTable;

salesTable = SalesTable::find(SalesLine.SalesId);
new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(SalesTable), MenuItemType::Display).run(args);


Thanks & Happy DaXing….


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