How to disable fields of form datasource in AX 2012

Hi All,

The correct approach is
DataSourceName_ds.object(fieldnum(Table, Field)).enabled(true/false);

SalesLine_ds.object(fieldNum(SalesLine, SalesPrice).allowEdit(false);

The Incorrect approach is

If you want to disable all the fields of a datasource, it is simple by using the below statement.



You have to manually disable each and every field of the table or you can simply use below approach.

public static void SetAllTableFields()
DictTable dictTable = new DictTable(SalesLine.TableId);
int i;
int fieldNumber;
for(i = 1;i < = dictTable.fieldCnt();i++)
fieldNumber = dictTable.fieldCnt2Id(i);
if(SalesLine_Ds.object(fieldNumber) && fieldNumber != fieldNum(SalesLine, LinePercent)
&& fieldNumber != fieldNum(SalesLine, SalesPrice))

How to make a control editable:
Incorrect : ControlName.allowEdit(true/false);
Correct : DataSourceName_ds.object(fieldnum(Table, Field)).allowEdit(true/false);
How to make a control mandatory:
Incorrect : ControlName.mandatory(true/false);
Correct : DataSourceName_ds.object(fieldnum(Table, Field)).mandatory(true/false);

Till then, Happy Daxing………..


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  1. this post is very useful for starting level devlopers and me.
    keep it up.

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    1. Dear raziq:

      Thank you so much

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