Some useful technical actions of Ax 2012

Hope you are doing well, as it is somewhat late for writing this post because of my tight schedule.

Today, I am going to emphasize on some useful actions for technical developers of AX 2012.

1) How to unfilter the data which is already filtered in tables or form.

As we know, we press ctrl+g to filter the data of table or form but how to unfilter the same table or form?

Here is the answer, just press ctrl+shift+f3.

2) how to provide space to multiple lines at one time.

Just hold alt key + put the cursor on first character + drag.

Please see below.


3) Short-Cut to create main method in class

If you have class in which you want to create main, just click on new method, you will see the following screen.


Now, you just select all the text by using Ctrl+A then delete all, write main then press tab, that’s it.



4) Short-Cut to create control statement

This is similar as previous step.

Just type name of control then press tab and see the magic



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