How to call Form with filtered records using code in AX 2012

You could have found posts on “How to call Form using code”, but, here, my post relates to calling a Form with filtered records.

Here is the Sample Code snippet………………..

static void runFormWithFilteredRecords()

Args args = new Args(formStr(_Employee));
FormRun formRun;
FormDataSource formDataSource = new FormDataSource();

formRun = ClassFactory.formRunClass(args);
formDataSource = formRun.dataSource();;
formDataSource.filter(fieldNum(EmployTbl,FirstName), “vinoth”);


I have written small piece of code to make you understand easily. So, firstly, I am instantiated Args Class with parameter as FormName, declared FormRun object, then Instantiated FormDataSource Class.

Now, Assigned formRun object to Global Class ClassFactory which has a method named  formRunClass with parameter as args. I called init() method which initializes the process, assigned formDataSource with  formRun.dataSource() which returns form datasource table as a object.

Form gets called but it needs to be filtered. So, formDataSource which has Datasource Table object will filter the record with specified parameters and fetched the result.


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