Pass The Parameters to Class

To pass the parameter from the form selected record to class

1.Create a class as following code.
2.Add this class to Actions MenuItem.
3.In form add this MenuItemButton.
Open the form Select a record in the grid and click the button.
That record passed to the Main method. in info you will Vendor id get 2 times.
Cause New Method is calling and Post method is calling. 

public class EmplProcess
VendTable _VendTable;

public void new(Common vTable)
_VendTable = vTable;;

public void post()

public static void main(Args args)
Common _common;
EmplProcess _EmplProcess;

_common = args.record(); //getting the record from the form
_EmplProcess = new EmplProcess(_common);//passing the above record to the new method;// calling the post method

While creating Object for class we can pass the parameter.

Class1 cls;
cls = new Class(VendTable);// this is Data Source name in Vend Table form

//in class override the new method and assign the Parameter.
public void new(VendTable vTable)
_VendTable = vTable;


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