Simple RDP Class with Contract Class in AX 2012

Firstly create contract class and specify the field which you want to provide as    parameter in the report.

Use this Contract class in RDP class as parameter.

public class FilterDemoContract

EmplId emplId;


public EmplId parmEmplId(EmplId _emplId = emplId)

emplId = _emplId;
return emplId;


Now Declare Table buffers in the Class declaration of RDP Class including Temp Table Buffer.

class ContractDemoClass extends SRSReportDataProviderBase

TempFilterDemo tempFilterDemo;
FilterDemo filterDemo;


public TempFilterDemo getTempFIlterDemo()

select * from tempFilterDemo;
return tempFilterDemo;

public void insertTmpTable()

tempFilterDemo.EmplId = filterDemo.EmplId;
tempFilterDemo.Name = filterDemo.Name;
tempFilterDemo.Salary = filterDemo.Salary;
tempFilterDemo.Gender = filterDemo.Gender;


public void ProcessReport()

EmplId emplId;
FilterDemoContract contract;


contract = this.parmDataContract() as FilterDemoContract;
emplId = contract.parmEmplId();
select * from filterDemo where filterDemo.EmplId == emplId;


Now you left with SSRS part, in the report, one Dialog Box will popped up, there, you would enter the emplid value and report will show you that particular record.


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  1. mr.raziq plz post sequence of this report classes contract,uibuilderclass and rdp


  2. Shabir Ahmad | Reply

    Great Work

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