Xml2Class Conversion

static void Xml2Class(Args _args)



XmlDocument xmlDoc;

XmlElement xmlRoot;

XmlElement xmlField;

XmlElement xmlRecord;

XmlNodeList xmlRecordList;

XmlNodeList xmlFieldList;

ClassBuild  classBuild;

DictClass   dictClass;

int i, j;


xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); xmlDoc.load(@”c:\abValidation.xml”); xmlRoot = xmlDoc.getNamedElement(#paramsNode); xmlRecordList = xmlRoot.childNodes(); classBuild = new ClassBuild(“abValidation_demo”, false);

for (i=0; i<xmlRecordList.length(); i++)


xmlRecord = xmlRecordList.item(i);

xmlFieldList = xmlRecord.childNodes();

for (j=0; j<xmlFieldList.length(); j++)


xmlField = xmlFieldList.item(j);






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