GetProjects List in DAX

static void GetProjects(Args _args)


ProjectListNode projectListNode;

treenodeIterator iterator,projectiterator;

TreeNode treenodeprivate, treenodeprivateprojects, treenodeShared,   treenodesharedprojects;

int i;


projectListNode = infolog.projectRootNode();

treenodeprivate = projectListNode.AOTfirstChild();

iterator =treenodeprivate.AOTiterator();

setprefix(“Private projects”);

for(i = 1; i<=treenodeprivate.AOTchildNodeCount();i++)


treenodeprivateprojects =;



treenodeshared = infolog.projectRootNode().AOTfindChild(‘Shared’);

projectiterator = treenodeshared.AOTiterator();

setprefix(“Shared Projects”);

for(i=1; i<= treenodeshared.AOTchildNodeCount();i++)


treenodesharedprojects =;





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